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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“From the very start of this album I was hooked. It is infectious and beware: some of the tracks can become earworms – you’ll be singing them in your head and wondering where they came from.”

“I loved it! In fact, I loved it so much I listened to the album three times in a row trying to find something negative to say in this review but, I’m afraid, I couldn’t find a thing. It is funny, it tells a story, the music is irresistible and all the artists taking part in the recording are completely in character.”

“I could dissect the story and the characters and tell you how wonderful they all are but I would prefer you to purchase the album and find that out for yourself!”

— Nick Wakeham, Musical Theatre Review
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“it is appropriate for a recording of a musical theatre production about a musical theatre production thought to be attracting a long-residing ghost that the record label presenting it is named Ghostlight. The company has brought us so many worthwhile cast albums—and here’s another making its entrance: Goosebumps The Musical: Phantom of the Auditorium.”

“an accessible, lighthearted, cute musical comedy with touches of terror and mystery”

— Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway
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“The songs in this album are mostly incredibly fun and crammed full of energy which not only keeps the audience entertained throughout but also means that the time spent listening to the tracks fly by even quicker! I really enjoyed the opening titular number “Goosebumps”… My favourite number however would have to be “Watch your step”, performed by Alex Brightman, which is an insanely high energy number.”

“Overall this is a very cleverly written musical that is totally aware of itself and the genre it falls into. The songs are generally very high-energy and entertaining which makes for a very easy watch/listen which would be perfect for the spooky season (which we have unfortunately just passed!) but could also work during any part of the year.”

— Rhys Payne, Rhys Reviews
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