“Off The Wall” Staged Readings Presented in Los Angeles for STAGES Festival of New Musicals

Two staged readings off “Off The Wall” (Music by Danny Abosch, Book and Lyrics by Sarah Rebell) will be presented in the Los Angeles area August 22-29 as part of the STAGES Festival of New Musicals. The readings are produced by New Musicals Inc., which awarded “Off The Wall” First Prize in their 2014 Search for New Musicals.

The prestigious STAGES festival of new musicals, now in its 18th year, features new musicals presented in concert readings. This year’s festival features six musicals, presented in two venues over two weekends: August 21-23 at the Academy for New Musical Theatre, 5628 Vineland in North Hollywood and August 28-20 at 3D Theatricals, 1255 N. Knollwood Circle in Anaheim, CA 92801.

Off The Wall is a musical comedy loosely inspired by the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre. In this ninety minute, original musical, the Mona Lisa is brought to life when Vincenzo, a museum worker who idolizes the famous painting, kisses her. Much to Vincenzo’s dismay, Mona Lisa immediately starts causing chaos all over Paris. This fresh, tongue-in-cheek musical may take place in the Belle Époque, but it whimsically explores contemporary themes, including the glorification of celebrity, the obsession with physical beauty and the importance of taking a second glance at preconceived notions of love and art.

Off The Wall was previously developed at NYU’s Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, and at The Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival.

The readings are directed by Allison Bibicoff and music directed by Jan Roper.

For more information, visit http://nmi.org/stages-musical-theatre-festival/



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